Mogami Class Frigates


In 2015, Japan initiated efforts to develop a new generation frigate with high speed, weaponry, and technical capabilities to provide cost-effective service in open seas and coastal regions. The foundations of the project trace back to as early as 2005. Japan drew inspiration from the US LCS program for this initiative.

(FFM-1) JS Mogami and (FFM-2) JS Kumano

In 2017, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries signed a contract with Nagasaki Shipyard for the construction of 22 frigates of the Mogami class (also known as 30FFM, 30FF, 30DX, 30DEX). The Mogami class frigates are intended to replace 8 Asagiri-class destroyers and 6 Abukama-class escort destroyers in the inventory. However, the number of ships was later reduced from 22 to 12. Following the Mogami class, the production of 12 FFM-class frigates is planned.

Mogami Class Frigate
Duties of Mogami Class Frigates:
Air Defense Warfare
Surface Warfare
Anti-Submarine Warfare
Signal Intelligence
Air Defense Warfare
Special Forces Operations
Mine Warfare

Construction of the first two ships of the class, (FFM-1) JS Mogami and (FFM-2) JS Kumano frigates, began on October 29 and 30, 2019. It is planned that each ship’s production will take approximately 3 years, with two ships being commissioned annually until 2027-2028.

Mogami Class Frigate

Mitsubishi utilized the stealth technology derived from the X-2 fifth-generation fighter aircraft project in the Mogami project. The radar cross-section of the Mogami class is minimal. A 360-degree video wall and a futuristic battle information center are elements of the 30FFM.

(FFM-4) JS Mikuma

The ship features high levels of automation, with only 4 personnel on the bridge and potentially 3 under certain conditions, compared to approximately 10 personnel on the bridges of equivalent vessels. The total crew complement of the ship is approximately 90, whereas similar ships typically require 150-200 personnel. There are no officer’s quarters on the ships.

Mogami Class Frigate

On April 28, 2022, JS Mogami was commissioned into service. The second and third ships of the class were also commissioned in the same year. This marked the first entry of a frigate-class ship into the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force since 1974.

General Specifications of Mogami Class Frigate:
BuildersMitsubishi Heavy Industries
Length 130 meters
Width16 meters
Displacement3.500 standard tons, full load 5.000 tons
Speed 30 knot (56 km/h)
Crew 90
Propulsion SystemCODAG, 1x Rolls-Royce MT30 gas turbine, 2x MAN Diesel V28/33DD STC engine, Total 70,000 HP
Technical SystemsOPY-2 (X-band multi-purpose AESA radar), OAX-3(EO/IR), OQQ-25 (VDS + TASS) – ASW, OQQ-11 (Mine-hunting sonar), OYQ-1 (Combat management system), OYX-1-29 (Console display system) NOLQ-3E, Chaff dispenser
Aircraft1x SH-60L (10-ton class) helicopter
Additional Vehicles2x RIHB, UUV and USV
(FFM-1) JS Mogami
Mogami Class Ships:
Main Gun1x 5 inç (127 mm) Mk-45 Mod 4 main gun
Other Guns2x remotely operated 12.7 mm guns
Anti-Ship Missiles8x Type-17/SSM-2 (with a range of 400 km) anti-ship missiles
Air Defence Systems16x Mk-41 VLS with Type-03 air defence missile and Type-07 anti-submarine missiles
1x 11-cell SeaRAM CIWS
Torpedoes2x Triple Mk-32 light torpedoes
Mogami Class Frigate
Mogami Class Ships:
1(FFM-1) JS Mogami (entered service on April 28, 2022 – currently active)
2(FFM-2) JS Kumano (entered service on March 22, 2022 – currently active)
3(FFM-3) JS Noshiro (entered service on December 15, 2022 – currently active)
4(FFM-4) JS Mikuma (entered service on March 7, 2022 – currently active)
5(FFM-5) JS Yahagi (planned to enter service in 2024)
6(FFM-6) JS Agano (planned to enter service in 2024)
7(FFM-7) JS Niyodo (planned to enter service in 2024)
8(FFM-8) JS Yubetsu (planned to enter service in 2025)
9(FFM-9) JS XX (planned to enter service in 2026)
10(FFM-10) JS XX (planned to enter service in 2026)
11(FFM-11) JS XX (planned to enter service in 2027)
12(FFM-12) JS XX (planned to enter service in 2027)

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