Shahid Soleimani Class Corvettes


On September 5, 2022, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Navy added the first (FS313-01) Shahid Soleimani corvette to its inventory, marking the inception of the Shahid Soleimani (Martyr Soleimani) class missile corvettes. A total of 4 catamaran-style corvettes will be produced.

(FS313-01) Shahid Soleimani

The catamaran design enhances the ship’s maneuverability and stability in rough seas. Aluminum is the primary material used in the construction of these corvettes. The Shahid Soleimani class corvettes are equipped with naval guns and cruise missiles for surface warfare, air defense missiles for air combat, and, additionally, they feature remotely operated 3-barreled 20mm Gatling guns for asymmetric warfare threats.

(FS313-01) Shahid Soleimani

While the initial FS313-01 Shahid Soleimani corvette featured manually operated 12.7mm machine guns, recent images have shown that they have been replaced with 3-barreled 20mm Gatling guns. These corvettes have a helipad for a 5-ton class helicopter but lack a hangar.

(FS313-02) Hassan Bagheri

The Shahid Soleimani class ships represent the heaviest combat vessels in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Navy’s fleet. The class is named after former Revolutionary Guards commanders.

(FS313-01) Shahid Soleimani
General Specifications of the Shahid Soleimani Class:
BuildersShahid Mahallati Shipyard
Length 67 m
Width14.5 m
Displacement600 tons
Range5000 nautical miles
Aircraft1x 5-ton class helicopter landing pad
Additional Vehicles3x high-speed boats
(FS313-01) Shahid Soleimani
Weapon Systems on the Shahid Soleimani Class:
Main Gun1x 30mm 2A42 remotely operated cannon
Other Guns4x remotely operated 3-barreled 20mm Gatling guns
Anti-Ship Missiles4x Qader missiles with a range of 300 km
2x Nasir missiles with a range of 140 km
Air Defence Systems6x long-range cruise missiles in 6 vertical launch cells
16x Sayyed2/3 short-range air defense missiles in 16x vertical launch cells
Shahid Soleimani Class Ships:
Iranian Revolutionary Guards Navy
1(FS313-01) Shahid Soleimani (Entered service on September 5, 2022 – Currently active)
2(FS313-02) Hassan Bagheri (Sea trials ongoing)
3(FS313-03) Sayad Shirazi
4(FS313-04) Raiis Ali Delvari
(FS313-01) Shahid Soleimani

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